A Message from Dr. David Keeny
Dean of the School of Biblical Studies


The School of Biblical Studies is central to the mission and purpose of Louisiana Baptist University. It provides quality education for future pastors, counselors, evangelists, missionaries, and other Christian workers as well as individuals pursuing careers in business, education and the arts and sciences.

The School of Biblical Studies contributes to the overall goals of LBU and provides the nucleus around which all other programs revolve. Its influence is realized throughout our institution as it adds to the distinctive Christian atmosphere.


A specific degree in Biblical Studies seeks: 


  • To provide you with learning experiences needed to equip you for the finest service to God and your fellow man;

  • To provide you with a well-balanced general education as well as the opportunity for detailed study leading to a Bible major;

  • To provide you with an opportunity to study and learn the doctrines and practices of New Testament Christianity;

  • To provide you with the knowledge which will enhance your understanding of the sovereignty of God in your life, the redeeming power of Jesus Christ, and the purpose of your service to God and to humanity

  • To aid you in the development of a Christian philosophy of life and to assist you in developing Christian standards of moral and ethical conduct;

  • To assist you in finding your purpose in God's plan whether you seek to be a pastor, missionary or dedicated layperson



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