Why Choose Louisiana Baptist University and Seminary?

• LBU has 40 years experience as a proven leader in non-traditional education. While new distance education schools are springing up all around the world, LBU has both the experience and reliability to provide an efficient quality degree program tailored to your needs.


• LBU has over 35 adjunct and full-time professors holding doctorates and advanced degrees in their fields who are committed to offering a first class off-campus program.


• LBU offers over 400 distance education courses.


• LBU offers an interest free payment plan that is affordable. With tuition at $120.00 per credit hour, LBU costs far less than most Bible Colleges. You pay only $200.00 down and make low monthly payments to complete your degree.


• LBU has successful graduates around the world serving in the Ministry, Christian Education, Counseling, Communications and Leadership.


• LBU is an approved school of the Baptist Bible Fellowship. Those who complete their missions degree through LBU and meet other requirements can be approved as missionaries for the fellowship.


• LBU is conservative in both doctrine and philosophy. As an approved school of the BBFI, LBU subscribes to the 20 Articles of Faith of the BBFI. While most universities are over run with political correctness and secular values, we emphasize that we are a Bible college, and because of that we have a unique purpose.


• LBU has a commitment to excellence and has a friendly administration committed to serving the student’s needs. LBU has a spirit all its own, combining high academic standards with a spiritual emphasis. LBU is distinct in its blend of tradition and innovation. It is our goal to produce leaders that are capable of impacting the world for Christ.


• LBU has a degree program with a perfect schedule: YOURS.