Undergraduate Studies


Louisiana Baptist University, offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in its external study programs. Students who transfer credits from other post secondary institutions are required to complete a minimum of thirty credit hours through this institution in order to qualify for graduation from any of our degree programs. These degree programs are described below.

Associate Degrees
The Associate of Arts degree program is designed for the student with little or no previous college work and who may need more immediate verification of education.  Students who have completed sixty-five semester hours of course work with a minimum of thirty semester hours completed through Louisiana Baptist University may apply for an Associate diploma provided they have met the criteria listed in our academic catalog. 


Present Degree Offerings 

Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies
Associate of Arts in Christian Counseling
Associate of Arts in Christian Education
Associate of Arts in Communication


Bachelor Degrees 
The Bachelor of Arts degree program is primarily designed for the student who has previously earned a substantial number of college credits at the undergraduate level and who has the maturity to pursue an external studies program.

Louisiana Baptist University offers an appropriate number of quality undergraduate courses so that the beginning student may earn a full four years of college credit by external study. However, students with little college work are usually not considered for external studies and are encouraged to enroll in the on-campus programs of LBU or another reputable college or university to acquire their core curriculum. 


Present Degree Offerings 

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Christian Counseling
Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education
Bachelor of Arts in Communication