At age 65 I felt the need of furthering my education and forcing myself to dig deeper into God’s word. I called LBTS and was given Dr. Steve Pettey as my counselor.  We discussed the Master of Theological Studies degree, which was exactly what I wanted and needed. I graduated May fourth, 2012, and could not have been more pleased. The lessons were challenging and forced me deeper into my studies of the word of God.

I thank God for LBTS and Dr. Pettey for challenging me to continue on with my studies. -- James W. McClure BD, MTS


When I graduated from Bob Jones University in 1962, the consensus was that to attend a seminary would be taking residency in a cemetery. Old pastors often and regularly would speak of such-and-such cemetery and its dead preachers. As a result, I was planting a church within a month of graduation. Not once in five pastorates did a church ask me regarding educational background. Even so, I have always desired the challenge of academic pursuit; however, no sabbatical ever arrived permitting a return to the campus setting. The possibility presented in the programs offered by LBU and LBTS caught my attention. At my age, I am not yearning for career advancement; I do long for ability advancement. The completed Master of Divinity program and my current Doctoral pursuit are accomplishing that desire. The man that God has called has a desire to be at his best possible, when presenting the word of God. The quality and flexibility accessible through LBTS places within the reach of any pastor the potential to provide the busy (and even aging) pastor what he ought to have, so that he might be that best possible preacher. -- Jerald Manley


I am better equipped to serve my church and speak boldly and confidently about God's love and His works as a result of my education at LBTS.  The curriculum used in the Theological Seminary is biblically based and soundly emphasizes God's attributes and His works on behalf of the believer.  Distant learning has enabled me to complete coursework on a schedule that fits me best.  The Seminary Dean is prompt in his communications and demonstrates God's love for each of the students. -- Bill Rathgeber


Being a student of LBU has been one of the greatest experiences of my preaching and pastoring career. I quickly learned that the instructors were interested more about me learning than the grades and degrees that I received. I once told a student that was complaining about the grades that he was getting that as long as he was learning something about the subject he was taking, that when he walk across the stage to receive his diploma, no one would know if he made an "A" or a "C" on his exam. I do not apologize for telling people that LBU is not just one of the greatest schools in the area but the greatest. -- Milton Walker


My LBU experience has been exceptional. The course material was challenging, stretching me in many ways, yet doable and so very practical and applicable to my ministry.  I have appreciated the self-paced schedule, which has permitted the completion of the degree while continuing full-time work. Most significantly, I am thankful for the personalized assistance, care, and encouragement from the LBU faculty and staff.  Thank you LBU!


Toby A. Travis, Samborondón, Ecuador

Head of School & Educational Consultant



“LBU delivers on their mission to provide an excellent Christian education at an affordable price around the world.  The university carefully balances their courses and curriculum between excellent scholarship and practical tools that guarantee their graduates have the information and ability to succeed upon graduation.  This gives their graduates the confidence to lead courageously and effectively.


The faculty and staff were always available to answer any questions and concerns that would arise.  My Ph.D. mentor was knowledgeable both in his scholarship and his ability to practically apply the materials.  LBU has identified and developed a great paradigm for providing distance education while also making the student professional feels a part of the family.  At LBU, you are more than a number and you receive more than an education.”


Pastor Charles D. Miller, Th.D. Ph.D.

Senior Pastor of Lewis Lane Baptist Church

Owensboro, Kentucky



Dr. Weaver,


Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated my experience with LBU and the passion for which you lead your beloved university.


Having done online work with two other colleges, my doctoral program with LBU was by far the most enjoyable – albeit not the easiest!


But my favorite aspect was the warmth and caring of the staff there in Shreveport.  Whenever I called, no one seemed too busy to talk with me or answer questions.  Speaking as a leader, everyone knows that kind of attitude always comes from the top down.


Thanks Dr. Weaver, for letting your servant’s heart impact LBU and its students.  It honors the Lord and makes LBU the truly unique university that it is.


Dr. Jeff L. Owens, Alumnus 2015

Lead Pastor

Mountain View Church, Murphy NC




I just completed a PhD in biblical Studies from LBU.  The courses of study were exciting and challenging, and were offered in a variety of formats.  From e-campus courses, and on-campus courses, to modular intensives, the classes were exactly what I needed to make me a better pastor for my church.  My instructors took a high level of interest in me personally, and worked with me to ensure success, especially during the dissertation writing process.  Most importantly, my walk with the Lord is deeper and stronger, as a result of courses completed with LBU.


I highly recommend study with LBU to professional colleagues and to aspiring ministers, alike.  LBU provides an education that works, with innovation and excellence.  LBU is serious about training passionate followers of Christ! I’d like to encourage you to begin coursework with LBU, and make the decision to strengthen your relationship with God through formal studies. Call 318-686-2360 and talk to an advisor soon!


Dr. Steven Hays

North Campus Pastor

Calvary Baptist Church

Lumberton and Beaumont, Texas



My matriculation at Louisiana Baptist University has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  As a returning student, with a full-time job, I knew pursuing a bachelor’s degree would be challenging.  From my first contact with the university staff, I felt certain that any challenges I faced would be addressed with compassion and understanding.  With the variety of courses offered during the year, LBU makes it easy to reach your goals faster.  The courses are rigorous, yet enriching.  In these troubling times, my studies have renewed and invigorated my Christian faith.  I feel confident that my degree will open the doors to other professional opportunities. - Louis Ellis



“Louisiana Baptist University has been a great partner in adding credibility to BBC Asia.  Our partnership has resulted in increased student enrollment, assisted in government recognition, and extending the footprint of our global impact.  On a personal level, LBU has been a great help in accomplishing my education goals.  Achieving my Masters and Ph.D. through LBU was academically challenging and yet flexible for someone involved in a growing ministry.  This flexibility allowed me to navigate the demands of ministry alongside the accomplishment of my doctoral work.”


Dr. Greg Lyons, President

Baptist bible College Asia

Manilla, Philippines



 LBU has been in invaluable source of information for me.  Providing so much more than the acquisition of a degree, LBU has delivered an actual education.  Their online method of study has truly served not only to conveniently supply me with a Masters’ Degree long distance, but also to make the process achievable in incremental steps that prevent overwhelming a busy full-time mom/wife/employee/student.  What’s more, I actually continue to use the textbooks as resource material for real-life situations in my position of ministry as Principal of a Christian school.  It is amazing that such a valuable product is delivered at such and affordable price! I highly recommend LBU.


Dawn Baker, Principal

Temple Christian School


“I am excited to recommend LBU. I am very pleased with the quality and content of the degrees I’ve earned from LBU.  I am currently working on a second degree in counseling.  LBU is affordable, accessible, and available to anyone who is serious about furthering their education.”

Dr. Bill Robertson,

Director of Pastoral Ministries

Louisiana Baptist Convention



“Earning a degree from LBU was different; it has taken me back to earlier days – to early and new untouched faith.  All my work at LBU pulled me closer to what I have always known to be God’s words.  After treading water in so many places that gave me the best the world has to offer, I found myself amazingly drawn back to the basics. Every single course brought me closer to the Lord.  LBU is a place of hope for God’s people – you offer degrees about destiny.  The more I ploughed my way through the required courses and then the dissertation, the more my soul was actually shored up.” - Dr. Patricia Hutchens


Dr. Hutchens holds degrees from Wheaton, Northwestern University and has studied Hebrew in Jerusalem and Tele Aviv, Israel.  She is a Hebrew scholar and has written a book and numerous articles about the Hebrew language.  She is Adjunct Professor at Corcoran College, Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia community College.


Greetings in the Precious Name of the Lord Jesus Christ! I just wanted to thank you for your investment into my life last school year during the completion of my PhD. I learned a tremendous amount and was inspired to apply Biblical truth in practical capacities.  Since graduation, I’ve been hired by a California political campaign as their chief strategist and manager, and I have also started to consult with human rights organizations that are trying to lobby the US Government to alleviate the suffering of our Middle Eastern Christian brothers and sisters.  All of this became possible because of the certification you gave to me through the PhD program.  Thank you so much!

Dr. William Boyd

Co-Owner, Shanghai Might & Right Co., Ltd. (China) (Hong Kong)