College Can Be A Dangerous Place

You probably think I am going to talk about the riots that took place on Berkley campus or all the other demonstrations taking place on campuses across America. Those are troubling! When I went to college even one tenth of what happens on a lot of college campuses would have gotten you kicked out. Instead, they set up safety zones, trauma centers and brought in puppies and play dough to comfort the poor little students that were traumatized by the last election.

Those things are troubling, but even more troubling and dangerous is what happens in the classrooms. Christian parents need to realize that they are sending their young students into a war zone. Christianity will be ridiculed, Christian values and morals will be trampled and conservative speech forbidden. The civil exchange of ideas is strictly forbidden and classrooms become indoctrination centers. Some studies indicate that as high as 70% of Christian young people will have their faith damaged. Some will lose their faith altogether.

Statistics indicate that in many public colleges and universities that as high as 95% of the professors are liberals, politically speaking, and many are extreme progressives. Therefore, the odds are stacked against any Christian who chooses one of these schools. If you are a Christian, your first preference should be a Christian college or university. Parents should carefully investigate a college or university before you send your child there. Remember your child’s future is at stake. Thankfully, there are a number of great Christian universities offering a wide variety of degrees into virtually all fields of study.

Here at Louisiana Baptist University and Seminary it is not education as usual. Our priorities are not political correctness, religious diversity or teaching coping skills. Our goal is to train an end-time army of ministers, educators and Christian laypersons to spread the gospel, plant churches and impact the world for Christ.

Studies at LBU are geared toward busy adults that need a student friendly, accelerated program to accommodate their busy life styles. Students can study on-campus or on-line. Each week students can also be part of a virtual classroom by logging onto live classroom lectures through our e-campus.

With thousands of graduates and over 40 years of experience in distant education, LBU stands ready to help you achieve your next degree.

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