Like many of you, I am very worried about what has happened to our country in the last two or three decades, and especially in the last few years. Our public schools have been stripped of any vesture of Christianity. Most secular universities are over run with liberal, socialist teachings. Then there is abortion, same sex marriage and general moral decline.

Is there any hope for a return of Christian values? Don’t expect a miracle, but there is cause for optimism. Numerous articles report that at least nine of Trump’s cabinet are devout Christians, active in their local church.

In the 115th Congress, 91 percent of those elected describe themselves as Christians. This is in spite of the fact that only 71 percent of the general public describe themselves as Christian. Most of the nine percent of non-Christians serving in Congress are democrat with only two Republicans classifying themselves as non-Christian.

Don’t expect a miracle or a complete rollback to Christian principles, but at least there is optimism that things could get better.

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