Recovering from a Church Split

Recognize that a Church split is very similar to a divorce or a death in that all three experience grief.

Kubler Ross stages of grief:

Denial: "This cannot happen to me!"

Anger: "Why did this happen to me? Who's to blame for this?"

Bargaining: "Just let me live 'til my daughter's wedding, and I'll do anything"

Depression: "I am too sad to do anything"

Acceptance: "I'm at peace with what is coming".

  • Allow individuals to vent or to tell the story as they see it.

  • Resist the urge to give an opinion, just listen.

  • Refuse to take sides, just listen.

  • During times of corporate worship don’t be scared to mention the devastating hurt this split has caused.

  • Cast Vision using Romans 8:29

  • Build Bridges with people.

  • Constantly admonish the core who remained

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