Louisiana Baptist Theological Seminary
Financial Information
Tuition and Fees


Enrollment Fee - $125.00

Graduate Tuition Per Semester hour - Masters - $120.00

Graduate Tuition Per Semester hour - Doctorate - $130.00

Transfer Credit - No Charge

Non-traditional Credit Approved - No Charge

Course Delivery Fee - $150.00

International Course Delivery Fee - $250.00

Technology Fee - $200.00

Graduation Fee - $185.00

Advanced Placement Tests - $100.00 each

Transcripts Fee - $10.00 each

Change of Program - $50.00


Financial arrangements for payment plans can be made through the Financial Office. Most students are required to pay a minimum $200.00 down payment with the balance payable at $100.00 per month. Note that textbooks and graduation fees are not included in the tuition costs. A prepay discount of 25% is given to those who remit their tuition in full at the time of enrollment. Any accounts over 30 days delinquent are subject to a 10% late fee for the delinquent amount.

Even after completing all academic and other requirements for your degree, including a thesis or dissertation, a degree candidate must have fully paid all tuition, fees and all other charges due to LBU before participating in the commencement exercises, receiving a diploma, or receiving a transcript from the institution.

When a program is dropped or withdrawn the following refund policy will apply:

 No refund will be made of the enrollment fee or postage fee.

 Refund of tuition is as follows:

a. From 21-30 days from enrollment, 80%
b. From 31-60 days from enrollment, 60%
c. From 61-90 days from enrollment, 40%
d. After 91 days from enrollment, 0%


A student must notify the Seminary in writing of the intention to withdraw. The withdrawal date will be the date the notification is received by Louisiana Baptist Theological Seminary, and this date will be used in calculating the amount of tuition refunded.

Louisiana Baptist Theological Seminary  does not participate in the Basic Educational Opportunity Grant program, or other federally-funded financial assistance programs. The University does not accept financial assistance payments from federally funded programs such as Vocational Rehabilitation Services or the Social Security Administration.


The Seminary is not underwritten by any government or private agency; therefore, Louisiana Baptist Theological Seminary does not at present offer scholarship programs other than the Friends Scholarship Program below.