Dr. Patricia Hutchens is a 2005 Ph.D. graduate of LBU.  She is married to retired General James Hutchens.  Patricia holds degree from Wheaton College, Northwestern, and National Lewis University.  She has studied Hebrew at universities in Jerusalem and Tele Aviv, Israel and also Fuller Theological Seminary.  She is a Hebrew scholar and has written books about the Hebrew language.  She is an adjunct teacher at Corcran College of Art, Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia Community College.

Patricia is also a celebrated artist.  Her paintings have been displayed in some of the world’s most famous art museums.

Thomas Ice executive director of the Pre-Trib Research Center. The center recently moved to the campus of Liberty University. The Pre-Trib Center was founded by Dr. Tim Lahaye and owns the largest collection of Prophetic and Eschatology books in the world. Dr. Ice has lectured at LBU and serves as Associate Professor of Religion at Liberty.


Al Janey is one of the founders of the Baptist Bible Fellowship International and served three terms as the fellowship president. After serving in various churches he became pastor of the New Testament Baptist Church in the Miami, Florida area. The church grew to a peak attendance of 3000 with a large Christian school. He also helped founded both the American Association of Christian Schools and the Florida Association of Christian Schools.



Grant Jeffrey is recognized as one of the leading teachers on Bible prophecy and an intelligent defense of our Christian faith. He is the chairman of Frontier Research Publications, Inc., a leading publisher of books, tapes and videos. Grant’s 18 best selling books have resulted in more than four million sales during the last thirteen years.  Grant Jeffrey


Dr. Willis Johnson

Willis Johnson president, Galilee College, Nassau, Bahamas. Dr. Johnson is a CPA, minister and educator. He has played a major role as a leader in the Bahamas. As the founder and president of Galilee College he has built one of the best colleges on the island. 


William Koenig is a White House Correspondent, author, publisher and a much-in-demand speaker. While still in his youth, he received a principal appointment to the U. S. Naval Academy.  After graduating from Arizona State University, he embarked on a career in Business with Coldwell Banker.

In a career change during the Summer of 1996, William began publishingKoenig’s Watch, a weekly summary of important Middle East and World News.  In early 1999, William produced the audio tape, “Countdown 2000”, discussing major events to watch when moving into the New Century.

In 2001, he became a White House Correspondent.  As part of that select group of reporters he is able to participate in the daily White House briefings. He holds a Masters in Communications from LBU. 


Otis Ledbetter pastor, motivational speaker and author. He is pastor of Sunrise Baptist Church, Clovis, California. He also works with James Dobson at Focus on the Family. He is the author of several outstanding books. He and his wife, Gail, have three grown children and eight grandchildren. He is a frequent conference speaker, and has written numerous articles for magazines. He specializes in Family Ministry Focus TM workshops, which teach parents and grandparents the spiritual, emotional, and social components of the heritage they are passing to the next generation.

Terry Lyles minister and motivational speaker. Terry’s organization has been called in on many catastrophic events. He counseled police and firefighters in New York after 911. He traveled to Asia to counsel relief workers after the Tsunami. His clients include executives of some of America’s largest corporations. He has often been referred to as the “Stress Doctor.”  Dr. Terry Lyles



Dr. Greg Lyons is founder of “Global Surge,” an urban church planting movement reaching five continents, annually reaching over 150 young people with the Gospel, training 1,500 students in Baptist Bible College Asia, training the next wave of non-western missionaries.  “Global Surge” is on track to plant 100 new churches by 2018, reach 1 million young people through evangelistic camps, and train 5,000 new Christian Leaders.



Jim McCullough author, speaker and movie producer. He has written several books, but is probably best known as producer of the classic film “Where the Red Fern Grows”




Mark Milioni is President of Baptist Bible College, Springfield, MO.  He earned a Ph.D. in Leadership from LBU in 2013. Before attending LBU, he earned degrees from Baptist Bible College, Luther Rice Seminary and Regent University.

Before becoming President of BBC, he was the very successful pastor of the First Baptist Church, Midina, Ohio.  Dr. Milioni is a much sought after speaker, especially in the areas of leadership and church planting.



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