Program Description

The Master of Divinity Degree is a 90 credit hour program designed to equip students with the biblical and ministerial skills necessary to serve in any role within a local church or denominational office.  The curriculum is comprehensive including both theological study and practical ministry.  Course content is sufficiently challenging academically for the student without sacrificing the practical value necessary for meeting the ministry needs of people in a local church.  Opportunities exist for transfer credit and life experience credit.  Students who have completed a theological masters degree program of less than 90 hours can generally transfer some and occasionally all the hours from the previous degree into the Master of Divinity.


Prerequisite: Candidates for the program must have a completed Bachelors Degree from an institution recognized by Louisiana Baptist Theological Seminary.  


Overview of the Degree


Biblical Studies  

BI500 Hermeneutics - 3

BI501Old Testament Interpretation I - 3

BI502Old Testament Interpretation II - 3

BI503Old Testament Interpretation III - 3

BI505New Testament Interpretation I - 3

BI506New Testament Interpretation II - 3

Subtotal - 18


Theological Studies

TH501Systematic Theology I - 3

TH502 Systematic Theology II - 3

TH503 Systematic Theology III - 3

Subtotal - 9


CH500 Baptist Doctrines and Distinctives - 3


WKSP Graduation Workshop - 3


Concentration Courses - 18

Electives - 30


Master’s Thesis - (9)



Total number of hour in the degree - 90 hours