FAQs Frequently Asked Questions -- Continued

6. Q: Will I be required to read a lot of books and write long papers?

A: Your work in the Seminary generally requires you to read only 1 textbook per course with some supplementary reading.  However, this must be very careful reading with a view toward outlining the material.  The length of the papers you write depends on your ability to state your ideas succinctly.  Good writing is clear and concise.  Verbosity is a weakness, not a strength in writing.

7. Q: What is Life Experience Credit and how is it determined?

A: Life Experience Credit is course credit you can be awarded based on your experience and accomplishments prior to your enrollment as a student.  It counts toward the total number of hours you need to complete your degree.  You are not required to pay for courses awarded as Life Experience Credit even though the courses appear on your transcript along with the work you complete as a student.

Life Experience Credit is determined by information you provide in your application (some prospective students include a resume).  The Dean determines what credit is awarded based on clearly defined guidelines and strictly enforced limits which vary from one degree to another.


8. Q: Does Louisiana Baptist Theological Seminary require a person to be a Baptist to enroll?


A: No, anyone can enroll and take classes.  Students are not asked to sign a statement of conscience regarding the beliefs of LBTS.  However, we are unapologetically Baptist in our doctrine.  Our curriculum isnot altered to accommodate differences in the beliefs of those from other persuasions.

9. Q: Is Louisiana Baptist Theological Seminary accredited with a government or religious accrediting agency?


A: No, LBTS has never sought government accreditation due to the nature of the educational services we provide.  Our mission is and always has been to train people for ministry.  Because of our strong belief in the separation of powers, we have never invited government oversight of our programs.  However, we uphold high standards of academic integrity; so high in fact that governmentally accredited schools often accept our graduates’ degree.

10. Q: Is Louisiana Baptist Theological Seminary affiliated with a larger Baptist body?


A: Yes, LBTS is an approved school of the Baptist Bible Fellowship International in Springfield, MO.  The Baptist Bible Fellowship International is conservative group of Independent Baptists. Many of our students and distinguished graduates serve in Southern Baptist, Missionary Baptist, National Baptist as well as Independent Baptist Churches and churches of other denominations.