Just as individuals change and develop with time, Louisiana Baptist University has developed in significant and proactive ways. In our world of accelerated change, it is important to plan carefully for where we are going, but it is also appropriate to consider from whence we have come.

Louisiana Baptist University was founded in 1973 by the Baptist Tabernacle in Shreveport, Louisiana. Dedicated Christian educators and church leaders recognized the need to form an institution in Louisiana to train Christian leaders in the finest traditions of conservative Judeo-Christian education. This institution was a pioneer in offering outstanding programs in distance education and external degree programs for practicing professionals who wish to enhance their professional skills and competence. Many of the nation’s leading pastors, best selling authors and Christian leaders hold degrees from the university. At least a dozen college presidents have received at least one of their degrees from LBU/LBTS.

As the University has grown, it has also expanded its academic programs to include Christian communications, Christian counseling and Christian education.

In February of 1993, the administration and the Board of Trustees revised the charter and restructured the administration to parallel the expanding programs of the University. At that time it was appropriate to change the name to Louisiana Baptist University.


As a part of its significant growth and development, the University in 1998 instituted a Seminary Division. The mission of the seminary is to provide a high quality, rigorous academic study for experienced Christian professionals.


From a modest beginning, LBU has steadily developed into what is today an important institution in Christian higher education.