Program Description


The Doctor of Ministry is an applied research degree designed for pastors and other ministers.  The purpose of the program is to enhance the student’s spiritual and professional skills by conceiving, designing, and carrying out an applied ministry project.   Significant ministry experience (generally 3 years or more in that area of ministry) is required.  The student is expected to conduct his applied ministry within the framework of the theologically conservative paradigm for which Louisiana Baptist Theological Seminary is known. 


Prerequisite: Candidates for the program must have at least a Master of Divinity or equivalent of graduate level theological training from an institution recognized by Louisiana Baptist Theological Seminary.  


Program Course Requirements:  

                                                                                  Course Title                                       Hours

All Doctor of Ministry Students                       *Graduation Workshop                              3


Required Tract Courses                                    (Varies with each tract)                           12


Electives                                                              Student chooses                                       6


Submission of Prospectus (5-10 page description of the proposed project which includes what the students intends to do, how he intends to do it, and how he will evaluate the effectiveness of it upon it completion)


Project Execution and writing of Project Report                                                                 9

                                                                                                                               Total         30