Lousiana Baptist Theological Seminary
Diploma of Theology


Program Description


A Personal Word from the Dean of the Seminary
At last, there is a seminary program for pastors and other ministers who have no college degree. Louisiana Baptist Theological Seminary is offering these ministers a chance to study in the Seminary.


The Diploma in Theology (DipTh) is dedicated to the biblical, theological, and practical church related studies that are necessary for contemporary ministry. The core subjects of English, history, math, and science necessary for a college degree are excluded so the learner can focus on those subjects that will provide the greatest immediate benefit in ministry. This formal plan of study can be completed in three years by a person who is actively serving a church.


Why is a program like this important?
1. Some pastors are struggling with problems they could avoid with better biblical training.
2. Some pastors feel inadequately prepared with their current level of education.
3. All pastors need fellowship with other pastors and most need the discipline of formal study to carry through their good intentions.


What does Louisiana Baptist Theological Seminary have to offer that others do not?
1. The best value in theological education today. No school with similar quality offers with a 0% interest finance plan whereby the student pays a low ($100) monthly payment. LBTS students graduate debt free. This is not only a good feeling; it is good stewardship!
2. Outstanding training from a theologically conservative point of view. LBTS enjoys a strong reputation of being theologically conservative. We do not require all students to be Baptists, but we proudly uphold our Baptist beliefs.


The Diploma in Theology Course Requirements:

  1. High School Diploma or G.E.D.

  2. Applicant must be at least 30 years old


Student Orientation - 2 Hours                                                                                       


Biblical Studies - 33 Hours

BIB 101 Old Testament Survey - 3

BIB 102 New Testament Survey - 3

BIB 104  Personal Evangelism - 3

BIB 204 The Four Gospels - 3

BIB 217 Communicating Bible Truth in Print I - 3

BIB 218 Communicating Bible Truth in Print II - 3

BIB 220 Apologetics- 3

BIB 304 Acts of the Apostles- 3

BIB 400 Introduction to the Revelation- 3

BIB 203 Bible Atlas- 3

BIB 305 Sermon Building- 3


Theological Foundations - 30 Hours

HIS 401 Church History- 3

BIB 423 Baptist Heritage- 3

BIB 110 Theology/Bibliology- 3

BIB 111 Christology/Pneumatology- 3

BIB 453 Hermeneutics- 3

BIB 210 Anthropology/Hamartiology- 3

BIB 211 Ecclesiology/Soteriology- 3

BIB 314 Angelology/Eschatology- 3

BIB 312 The Disciple Making Pastor- 3

SCI 311 Beginnings Under Attack- 3


Leadership Formation - 27 Hours 

MIS 101 Biblical Basis of Missions- 3

MIS 401 Church Planting- 3

PCC207 Spirit Controlled Temperament- 3

CHA 202 Church and Personal Finance- 3

CHA 421 Church Administration- 3

CHA 412 Sunday School Administration- 3

EDM120 Introduction to Educational Ministries- 3

PCC 201 Innovative Approaches to Counseling I- 3

PCC 202 Innovative Approaches to Counseling II- 3


General Electives - 6 Hours

Elective- 3

Elective- 3

Total Semester Hours 98

Courses from each of three major areas, Biblical Studies, Theological Foundations, and Leadership Formation are brought together each semester into a comprehensive plan so that students maintain a well-rounded curriculum throughout the 3 year cycle.

Important Questions:
1. Are students required to attend classes on campus in Shreveport? No, through our e-campus students can log on from anywhere in the world via the internet. Students can see, hear, and interact with the class in real time.


2. Can students transfer credit in from courses taken at other schools? Yes, however those who have a significant number of hours might want to consider completing a degree through Louisiana Baptist University. 


3. When are classes offered? Classes are offered on Mon, Tues and Thurs evenings and each class meets for 1.5 hours per week. A class meets only once each week. Class hours are 5:30-7:00,  and 7:00-8:30 each of those 3 nights. Each class is 3 semester hours of credit (except Student Orientation—2 hours)


4. Are students required to attend year round to complete the program in 3 years? Yes! LBTS offers 3 semesters in a calendar year; spring, summer and fall. The program is set up so that students begin in the Fall Semester and complete their studies for graduation in the Spring Semester. However a student can begin the program in any semester and start the rotation at that point. For instance, a student who enrolls in the spring semester would continue in the summer and in the fall to take first year courses. In the following spring he would take second year spring semester courses and so forth.


5. Is there an application fee? No, the application process is absolutely free of charge.

6. How does a person apply? The fastest way is to go www.lbu.edu click on the Seminary part of the page, then click where it says “Apply Now.” If you prefer you can call 318.686.2360 and request an application form be sent to you.


7. If a potential student has more specific questions is there someone he can contact for further information? Yes, Any of our Deans can help you.  Start by reaching out to Seminary Assistant, Mrs. Donna Restivo, her email is: drestivo@lbu.edu or 318.686.2360.