A Message from Dr. Linda Adams

Dean of the School of Christian Education

For more information email Dr. Adams at dradams@lbu.edu

The primary purpose of the Christian Education degrees is to prepare you for service in elementary and secondary private and Christian schools (public schools normally require degrees from regionally accredited universities). The curriculum is designed to equip you for professional careers in education such as teaching, administration, and supervision. Preparation for work in other fields, such as counseling and church education programs is also provided through the education program.

As a candidate for a degree in the School of Christian Education, you will accrue a knowledge of God and the Bible, and obtain a well-balanced, liberal arts education by the successful completion of the minimum required semester credit hours of general education. You will also demonstrate mastery of the knowledge and skills of teaching, and evaluation techniques through successful completion of the required professional education courses.


Bachelor of Arts 
The Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Education prepares individuals for a professional career in the education of children and older youth in our private and Christian schools. The degree requires course work which can include academic specialization in Elementary School Teaching or Secondary School Teaching. Education majors are exposed to the best possible curriculum, methods and hands-on experience through student teaching. 

Education majors should complete at least 24 semester credit hours of education courses and five method courses. All graduates must complete at least six semester credit hours of Bible Courses. 
This program is also designed to assist those who are already working in a Christian school as a teacher, teacher’s aid, learning center monitor, or related role. Along with academic curriculum are task-related courses that incorporate the actual duties that the student performs on the job. A school administrator may serve as an advisor/supervisor to the student.

At the center of the education program at LBU is the knowledge that all truth and wisdom come from God. Students are made aware of the philosophical differences in Christian based education and the humanistic philosophy and techniques used in progressive education. Students that need more immediate verification of education may request an Associate of Arts degree when they have completed at least sixty-four semester hours of credit. 

Master of Arts
The graduate program leading to the Master of Arts degree in Christian Education consists of thirty semester credit hours of course work and six semester credit hours for completion of a required thesis.  The graduate programs in professional education were established to provide opportunities for advanced study and scholarship and are specifically designed to accommodate private Christian school personnel.

Doctor of Education
The doctorate program in Christian School Administration consists chiefly of research projects that call for both academic research and practical application to the organization where you are presently employed.  Recommended research topics are listed in the education section at the back of our catalog.  The program culminates in an original work, representing a significant contribution in the field of study.

The self-directed process promotes personal growth through independent research and a variety of learning initiatives which are included in the program. 

The person admitted to our doctorate program must have the appropriate academic background, the initiative, self-discipline, and the research skills necessary to succeed in such a program.  He/she should also have firmly held convictions about the special requirements expected of those in leadership positions of quality Christian institutions. 

The doctoral student is assigned a faculty advisor, therefore, this person must approve the individualized program that is designed for the student seeking a doctorate. 

Seminar/Workshop Credit
Each degree program will consider credit from seminars, workshops, and/or conferences offered by ACE, Abeka, Alpha Omega, ACSI or other professional educational organizations. 

All students must complete a minimum of 30 academic credits through LBU.