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The purpose of the School of Christian Communications is to train students to be effective communicators, especially of the Word of God. Whether as a minister, Christian educator, Christian musician, or administrator, every student needs to be able to effectively communicate their thoughts and ideas. The School of Christian Communication provides the student the opportunity to learn how to communicate creatively and effectively by means of visual arts, written words, oral communications or music.

Our communications program is founded on a sound education in the Liberal Arts because people working in all areas of communication require a broad understanding of society and the forces that affect it. We feel that communications is an excellent field for those with Christian convictions and moral integrity. Christian media and consulting firms are becoming one of the nation's fastest growing fields. Many new opportunities are also opening up in advertisement, marketing, public relations, and association management.

Louisiana Baptist University School of Christian Communications offers Bachelors and Masters degrees with areas of concentration in marketing, management, and music. A Ph.D. is offered in Christian Leadership.

For prospective students interested in Christian communication, this program prepares you for careers in the information industry. Communication professionals prepared for Christian service in fields such as marketing, and advertising find a vigorous and expanding field of Christian communications. Other fields include association and nonprofit organization management and other careers which are based on the organization, management and communication of information.

Most courses require practical, hands-on projects in a professional media environment in addition to regular academic course requirements. If this is your professional goal, you are invited to become a part of this exciting and challenging program.

This institution offers a Bachelor and Master of Arts degree in Music. All work may be completed off campus by using course syllabi and videos. This gives the church choir director or musician the opportunity to complete his/her music education while continuing to serve in the local church.

Churches can use this method to train people within the congregation to fill leadership positions in their music department. Through the use of videos, textbooks and carefully designed workbooks, churches can train dedicated members with some basic music abilities to serve as choir directors, musicians and special singing groups. All tapes are prepared by outstanding music professionals. 

Professional musicians can complete their degree while they travel. Life credit will be issued to professionals in the music field for knowledge gained by performance. Degrees may be obtained in music with a double major in communication, Bible, counseling or Christian education.

Marketing and Management 
With the growth of non-profit associations and faith based organizations new opportunities are opening up for those persons that have a degree in Christian communications with special emphasis on management and marketing. Christian media and consulting firms are becoming one of the nation's fastest growing fields. Many new opportunities are also opening up in advertising, public relations, and a variety of other areas that require the management and leadership skills taught at LBU. The program helps the student develop the most advanced techniques in decision making and learn the necessary research skills that accompany high-level responsibility.

The department focuses first on leadership, realizing that leadership is a key ingredient of success whether it be in the pulpit, classroom or a corporate office. Materials from such outstanding writers as John Maxwell, Zig Ziglar, Rick Warren and Barry Posner expose the student to the latest techniques in leadership.


Executive Christian Leadership
The Christian Leadership Program seeks to instill in servant leaders the character, vision and skill not only to excel themselves but also to build other leaders. LBU’s Christian leadership series has three target audiences:

1) Students enrolled in LBU or LBTS, both men and women in all areas of study can benefit by the inclusion of leadership courses in their curriculum. 

2) Provide courses for pastors and vocational Christian workers. 

3) Equip business leaders, lay leaders in local churches and other Christians determined to make an impact in their communities.

4) The Center for Christian Leadership offers both a Masters and a Ph.D. in Christian Leadership

The curriculum uses materials prepared by leadership specialists such as John Maxwell, Zig Ziglar, and Barry Posner. The leadership division seeks to foster Godly men and women who are full of character and empowered by the Holy Spirit. With a clear vision of the task, they can make a huge impact in equipping others to better serve Christ. Christian leadership classes may be used in any program. Christian leadership courses are identified as CLC and are located in the Christian Communication course description section of the catalog.


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