Biblical Studies Degrees


Upon its founding, the institution was primarily a Bible school. The essential goal was to teach ministers and other Christian workers how to understand the Word of God (Holy Scripture) and to serve God and mankind effectively. Over the past decades, LBU has expanded its curricular offerings to include education, counseling, music and communications. 

Using the finest materials available from leading conservative authors, we are constantly improving our curricula to meet your needs. If you are a minister or a Christian layperson, you can pursue your chosen course of study in either the on-campus or the external studies program. You should know that many of this nation's most successful and respected ministers and Christian educators hold degrees from Louisiana Baptist University. Louisiana Baptist University School of Biblical Studies offers the following areas of concentration:

Pastoral Ministries 
The purpose of this area of concentration is to prepare the student professionally for their duties as a pastor, missionary or Bible expositor. The administrative duties of the pastor, his role as the leader of public worship, developing of skills in preaching, leadership in the local congregation, his role in the community and other subjects will be considered. Special emphasis will be given to evangelism, discipleship and church growth. (NOTE: Students are encouraged to take a minimum of fifteen (15) semester credit hours of leadership and administration).

Student Ministries 
Today, more than ever, our world is in need of men and women with a passion for ministering to teenagers and young adults. Recognizing this need, in the spring of 2003, Louisiana Baptist University developed an area of concentration in Student Ministries. An effective youth ministry comes from a deep understanding of the Word of God, for this reason the student ministry degree is founded on a sound education of liberal arts and Bible and includes specialized courses designed by top youth pastors. Principles and practices will be taught that will enable, equip and empower a youth pastor in leading a professional staff, adult volunteers and student leaders. Specialized courses will help student ministers to define their role in the overall ministry of the church, their responsibility and relationship to the senior pastor, the professional and volunteer staff and the parents of the students that are under their direction.

Educational Administration
This area of concentration is designed for those who feel the calling to serve the church as either education director or as administrative pastor. Like all other degrees the education and administration degree is founded on a sound liberal arts and Bible education with special emphasis on teaching and administration. Students will study how to organize and administrate the educational ministries of the church, church and personal finance, church marketing and strategic church management.

Believing that evangelism is the key element in the life of individual believers and essential in the local church, Louisiana Baptist University has always placed emphasis on soul-winning, evangelism, and revival. The evangelism program is designed to equip those planning to enter full-time evangelism and also instill in those who are pastors both the desire and know-how to build a soul-winning church. The program seeks to impart to the student the ability to plan, organize and implement both individual church and city wide evangelistic campaigns. The evangelism program will have an academic portion, but will also feature a practical application side. Students will be able to earn extra credit by either conducting an evangelistic crusade or assisting in setting up evangelistic meetings.