LBU has never sought government accreditation due to the nature of the educational services we provide.  Our mission is and always has been to train people for ministry.  Because of our strong belief in the separation of powers, we have never invited government oversight of our programs.  However, we uphold high standards of academic integrity; so high in fact that governmentally accredited schools often accept our graduates’ degree.

LBU is recognized by the Louisiana Board of Regents to grant degrees and is reviewed annually.


LBU  is an approved school of the Baptist Bible Fellowship International (BBFI) in Springfield, MO.  The Baptist Bible Fellowship International is conservative group of Independent Baptists. Many of our students and distinguished graduates serve in Southern Baptist, Missionary Baptist, National Baptist as well as Independent Baptist Churches and churches of other denominations.


LBU is an affiliate school of  the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) which is a nationally recognized accrediting body by the United States Department of Education.

LBU is a member school of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI)

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